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Q: What kind of bike should I ride?
A: Over the past few years mountain bikes, cross bikes, fat bikes, a few single speeds, and even a tandem fat bike have made it from start to finish.

Q: Are the roads marked?
A: Yes,  but we can’t guarantee the markers will be there when you get there. We’ll give you a map/cue sheet, and you should rely on them as your primary means of navigation. There are county road signs, and/or US Forest Service markers on most of the roads. Carrying a compass and knowing how to use it might be helpful.

Q: Will I get lost?
A: Hopefully not, but it’s a possibility. You’ll have a good map so you should be able to solve any temporary misplacement. Again, a compass might help. If you end up in the UP, then yes, I’d say you’re lost.

Q: Are there rest stops?
A: No, but you’re welcome to stop and rest where and when you want.

Q:What about water?
A: Exact water stop locations will be determined after the route is finalized.

The routes will pass by lakes and over rivers along the way with all kinds of tasty looking water. If you’re going to drink it, filter or treat it first. Cryptosporidium, giardia, or some other nasty bug are not the kind of souveniers you want to be taking home.

Q: Is there a GPS file for the route
A: yes,  coming after the routes are approved by the US Forest Service.

Q: Will my cell phone work?
A: Probably not. Coverage on the routes is inconsistent and often non-existent.

This does bring up an obvious safety concern. If you couldn’t talk your buddies into doing this ride with you, it is a good idea to find someone out there to ride with so that one of you can ride for help if needed. Again, it’s important to use your map/cue sheet for navigation so that you know where you are on the route.

Q: If I do get to a phone and call, will you come and get me?
A: No. If you’re nice, and one of the locals can stop laughing at your lycra kit long enough, maybe they’ll give you a lift. REMEMBER, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF.

Q: Is this a closed course?
A: No. You should expect cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, and maybe other cyclists to be sharing the road with you, and coming around any corner, or over any hill. Please, STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD! Bears , deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, grouse, turkeys, and other critters too numerous to mention may make a sudden appearance. STAY ALERT!

Q: Bears? Really?
A: Yes, there were 4 or 5 encounters during last year’s ride. According to the DNR there are between 24,000 and 36,000 black bears in Wisconsin. If you have a bear encounter don’t be a Yellowstone tourist and feed it your Clif bar or a Gu packet, or get close for a great picture. On the bright side, if you do have a bear encounter those dogs that chase you back home will look a lot smaller.



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