2016 Bear 100 photos click here.

2016 Bear 100 Early Finishers

Women’s 100 mile                   hrs:mins

Beth Wagner                                     7:11

Heidi Beck                                         7:11

Marnie Pearsall                                7:55

Women’s 100 K

Karen Piontek                                   5:50

Alice Dorsch                                      5:57

Dawn Steinman                                6:03

Women’s 29 mile (none)

Men’s 100 mile

Jack Padega                                        6:07

Chris Schotz                                        6:10

Jason Kolzicki                                     6:12

Gordon Faulkner (age 73)                6:55

B. & C. Steadman (tandem)             8:24

Andrew Walsh (Single Speed)        10:30

Men’s 100 K

Justin Piontek                                     3:50

Craig Curtis                                          3:54

Matt Colligan                                       3:54

Men’s 29 Mile

Rich Clark                                             2:30

Jerry Axe                                               2:38

Eric Oleson                                            3:00

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Pictures from 2016 coming soon.



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I heard a lot of questions asking what sort of times the early finishers put up so here are the results:

100 Mile Men:                                                                 100 K Men:

Chris Schotz          5hrs 34min.                                  Justin Piontek     3hrs 49min.

Todd Kinart           5hrs 35min                                   Andy Krans           3hrs 59min

Mike Curtis            5hrs 39min                                   Chad Wiegand     3hrs 59min

Craig Curtis            5hrs 39min                                  Matt Schueller     3hrs 59min

Joel Hynes              5hrs 39min                                  D. Martorano       4hrs 10min

G. Faulkner(age 71) 6hrs 14min                              Chad Kelly            4hrs 10min

Single Speeds:

Andrew Walsh       10hrs 11min                                John Sommers  5hrs 4min

100 Mile Women:                                                           100 K Women:

Beth Wagner            7hrs 13min                                Amy Statz           5hrs 25min

                                                                                             G. Montee           5hrs 55min

                                                                                             Karen Piontek    6hrs   9min

Video of the lead group:2014 Lead group

Other video and pictures of 2014 available at: 2014 pictures and videos

Video from the 2013 ride:

The Bear 100 from Erin Beaver on Vimeo.

Pictures from the 2013 ride available here:

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